Here Are the 12 Tips that Enable You to Deliver Your Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Like a Professional

12 Tips that Enable You to Deliver Your Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Like a ProfessionalThis article presents the best twelve tips for delivering wedding speeches like a professional and successful public speaker. The persons for which this post was written are the men whose daughters will marry and who need to offer discourses at their bridal receptions. If you are a bride’s father that is not an experienced orator, then this post is perfect for you, since it teaches you how to give your talk like an excellent public speaker.

More precisely, here is what you will gain by going through this useful post:

  • if you are a timid person, who doesn’t like the idea of standing in front of a large audience and offering a speech, you will discover the tips that can enable you to conquer your fear of public speaking;
  • you will learn how to behave like a professional orator during your father of bride speech in front of all the wedding guests;
  • you will find out what you should do while preparing and also while giving your discourse in order to impress your audience.

4 Tips for Delivering a Father of the Bride Wedding Speech without Powerful Emotions

One of the greatest obstacles to a perfect presentation of a speech is represented by the strong emotions that are caused by the fact of speaking while standing in front of a large group of persons, who are all looking at you and also listening to what you are saying. These emotions occur especially to the persons who are shy or to those who don’t have so many occasions to speak when in front of lots of people.

Anyway, regardless of the cause of these emotions, all of them can be overcome by applying the following four simple tips. All of them must be used while repeating the father of the bride speeches and some of them should be used in the delivery phase.

  1. Practice Imagining You’re at the Reception

If you really want to be able to deliver your talk without having any emotions, you must necessarily repeat your discourse a couple of times prior to offering it at your daughter’s bridal party. But, in order to make this rehearsal useful for conquering the fear of public speaking and, therefore, for getting rid of the big emotions, it’s essential to imagine yourself at the wedding, while repeating. You should see the guests looking at you and you should also hear the sounds that might be heard right before, during and right after your wedding speech. In this way, you become accustomed to speaking in public.

  1. Speak and Move like a Relaxed and Confident Speaker

Try to model the successful public speakers during your talk. Move and communicate like them in order to become, feel and look like them, i.e., confident and relaxed. This is something you should do not only during the delivery phase, but also during the rehearsal.

  1. Remember that Your Listeners are Not Perfect

Being aware of the fact that the persons who are listening to you and who are looking at you are normal people, each of them with his or her own shortcomings, it’s very helpful in dealing with the strong emotions, because a major cause of these feelings is represented by the feeling of inferiority. While practicing and delivering your father of the bride wedding speech, remember that your listeners are not perfect in every aspect. You should not let yourself intimidated by their social, educational or financial status; each of them has a lot of defects. You should keep in mind that, even if they are and look very confident and relaxed in their seats, they would probably deliver a discourse much worse than thee way you deliver yours. So, don’t be too much preoccupied by their opinion about you.

  1. Remember the Guests Came to Have Fun

Another thing that you ought to keep in mind and also of which you should be aware while practicing and while delivering your discourse is that the wedding guests are there for celebrating a union and having fun, not to listen to discourses. They hardly wait to eat, dance and listen to music, so they probably won’t pay too much attention to the wedding speeches. Consequently, relax.

8 Tips for an Excellent Delivery

Besides being offered without powerful emotions, there are also other features that your talk’s delivery should have in order to be successful. The following eight tips will reveal to the father of bride what he ought to do while giving his discourse, as well as while getting ready for this event, in order to make sure that the presentation of his talk will be excellent.

  • Avoid Looking like a Pupil

Don’t let the impression that you recite a poem or that you tell a lesson in front of your classmates and teacher. For this, if you learn your talk’s text by heart, avoid to show that. Instead, deliver it just like you were creating it while presenting it to your audience. In order to do that, use the following tips:

  • Avoid Looking in a Sole Direction

While you offer your discourse as the bride’s father, it’s very important to let your gaze wander from one attendee to another. This tip should be used also during your preparation.

  • Pause Several Times

Even if you remember very well what you want to say next, it’s useful to pause from time to time, during your father of bride wedding speech. This will make your talk look more natural.

  • Speak in the Second Person

Use the pronoun “you” as often as you can. This will make your discourse informal, which is how it should be, rather than formal. The colloquial feature can also be achieved by using the next tip:

  • Ask Questions

Ask your listeners brief questions; you can use tail questions as well. By doing this, you:

  • create the impression that you are talking to some good friends of yours, instead of looking like speaking to strangers.
  • include the attendees in your discourse; as a result, they will feel like being a part of your family;
  • Modulate Your Voice

Refrain from using the same tone of your voice throughout your father of the bride speech. Instead, speak with intonation. In this way, you catch the attention of your listeners.

  • Avoid Formulating a Same Idea in the Same Way as a Previous Speaker

Although it’s not an essential aspect and it has a pretty low probability of happening, it’s possible to include in your discourse an idea that has also been expressed by one of your previous speakers in his or her talk. If you decide to keep it in your talk, try to formulate it in a different manner.

  • Be Natural

Naturalness is a mandatory attribute of any successful discourse. Speak, look and move naturally while delivering your father of the bride wedding speech, if you want your talk to be highly appreciated.


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