3 Tips I Learned from My Older Son’s Wedding Last Year

3 Wedding Speech TipsI decided to write this article for sharing with you the three essential tips that I discovered last year, when I attended the bridal reception that celebrated the union of my older son with my daughter-in-law. These three tips represent, in fact, highly recommended features of the wedding speeches of any kind, that are delivered by any speaker, not necessarily by the father of the groom.

3 Key Tips for a Great Father of the Groom Wedding Speech

These features are very simple to explain, describe and achieve, and they may seem banal to some persons, but their importance is so high that I decided to compose this article especially for convincing you of the usefulness and attractiveness of these tips. So, don’t let yourself fooled by their apparent simpleness, because this very simplicity gives them beauty and high value.

If I had to fit these tips, i.e., key features, into a category, I could say that they are “content tips”, because they refer to the content of the father of the groom speech. But two out of these three tips can be viewed not only as “content features”, but also as “delivery features”, since they characterize the ideal manner of delivering a successful discourse at a wedding party.

However, you need to take account of these three tips even while you are getting ready for your talk; more precisely, you have to be aware of these three necessary qualities while in any of these stages:

  • collecting pieces of advice, templates, wedding speech ideas, samples and examples;
  • composing the text of the talk;
  • adjusting this text;
  • practicing the discourse;
  • adjusting the talk or the modality of offering it.

After this short introduction about these three attributes, let me reveal you the three key hints, along with proper descriptions. More precisely, for each such tip I will mention not only its benefits, i.e., what you achieve by following that tip, but also the disadvantages of not following that tip. In this way, I hope to persuade you that, if you want to have a successful discourse at any bridal reception, not only the one of your son or daughter, you need to make sure that your talk has the key features revealed by these useful tips. But, before revealing you these tips, let me tell you how I discovered them exactly.

Although I had prepared very well my father of groom speech for my older son’s wedding reception last year, I decided to listen with a lot of attention all the discourses that were offered on that special occasion, so that I could learn something new about this topic. I needed that for improving the wedding toasts and speeches that I will offer at the marriage parties of the other three younger sons that I have and who have not married yet.

Therefore, I looked carefully not only at my previous speakers and to the speakers that spoke after me, but also at the audience, to see the reaction of the listeners. Here are the conclusions that I have come to:

Tip 1:   Have a Short Wedding Speech

Your discourse ought to be short. More precisely, it should last for about five minutes. I noticed that the listeners tend to not pay attention anymore to a discourse, not necessarily a father of the groom wedding speech, after four or five minutes from its beginning. I know that, if you prepare thoroughly your talk, you will discover a lot of ideas and topics that you would like to include in it, but you ought to keep only the essential elements or if you don’t speak too much about each of them. In order to respect this recommended duration, you need to go through the adjusting stages, when you adapt the content of the discourse after having created it and also after practicing it.

Here are the advantages of following this tip that refers to the length or duration of the best wedding speeches:

  • you have bigger chances to make your listeners pay attention to your discourse;
  • you avoid the risk of boring your audience;
  • you avoid the risk of upsetting the persons who will speak after you, by not letting them to wait too much for your talk to finish;
  • you increase your chances of making the attendees remember your discourse with a lot of pleasure;
  • you show that you respect your listeners, by respecting their time.

Let’s see now what are the disadvantages of not following this “shortness tip”. In fact, you can easily deduce them from the advantages listed above.

  • First and foremost, by exceeding the recommended limit of five minutes, your father of groom wedding speech will bore your listeners, who attend the reception for having a great time, by listening to music, socializing, dancing and eating, and not by listening to endless discourses.
  • They will express this boredom by not looking at you anymore, thing that you will notice and that will discourage you, affecting your manner of delivering the discourse.
  • The guests who will offer toasts or discourses after you might become irritated by the fact that they have to wait too long for your talk’s end.

Tip 2:   Have a Simple Wedding Toast or Speech

Use your own words when you formulate the ideas of your talk. Avoid the sophisticated terms and expressions, that you don’t routinely use. Avoid the double-meaning words. Make sure that your messages are clear. Don’t make jokes if you don’t feel comfortable to tell them; that is to say, avoid the funny wedding speeches if you are not used to telling jokes, if you don’t have a sense of humor or if you are a rather cold person. Use the beauty of simplicity not only in your vocabulary, but also in your behavior and attitude. Be natural in your gestures, looks and movements.

The major advantage of following this tip is that your listeners will like you almost instantly. If your talk doesn’t comply with the principle encapsulated in this hint, you risk to end up having a cold and even strange discourse, that none of the attendees will appreciate. Moreover, if simplicity doesn’t characterize your discourse, attitude and behavior, you are very likely to make a fool of yourself, because your listeners will notice your ridiculous attempt of impressing the guests with something that simply doesn’t define you. Therefore, avoid the snobbery and the intellectual arrogance during your father of the groom toast or speech.

Tip 3:   Have a Sincere Speech

If it is not something that you really believe or feel, don’t say it, even if the others would like to hear it from you. Don’t exaggerate with the compliments. Speak from your heart. Very important: pay attention not to hurt anyone’s feelings with your words or ideas. Sincerity is always highly appreciated, even when it comes to discourses delivered at a marriage reception. Insincerity is always obvious and very unpleasant.

To sum up, your father of the groom wedding speech ought to be: short, simple and sincere, if you want it to be excellent and if you want your son, family and friends to be pleased with your talk.


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