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Best Man SpeechBest man speeches can be pretty frightening if it’s your first time. The very first wedding that I was the best man at, I didn’t have any idea what I should say. When I agreed to be the best man for the first time, it didn’t even think about having to write a speech. Of course, when it did occur to me, I knew I was going to be in trouble. I am terrified of public speaking, so I put off writing the wedding toast until just a couple days before the wedding.I really didn’t think I would have that much trouble with it, but actually it turned out to be pretty tough and it took a lot of time. When preparing to write your speech, my first bit of advice is simply, don’t wait until the last minute, like I did.

Best man wedding toasts take time and careful thought needs to be put into the speech, so get started early. That really is the only way you will be able to create the best wedding toast. Toasts for weddings can also become pretty scary at the thought of speaking in front of a big crowd and the pressure you put on yourself to deliver a charming, moving and humorous wedding toast. So again, don’t wait till the last minute or it could turn into a less than stealer performance on your part.

I learned in college that the best way to start any writing project is to get a piece of paper and just start brainstorming and write down any and all ideas that come to mind. I started to remember some really great stories about the groom before and after he met his wife-to-be. I also wrote down the things that really inspired me about the groom and his character.

I am sure there are much easier and faster ways to go about writing wedding toasts, but since I didn’t know what else to do, this worked for me the first go around. At the other weddings that I have been the best man at, I did some research and found some guides that provided examples of toasts, which saved a lot of time and helped me stay original.

If this is your first speech and you are reading this, just grab that piece of paper and start to write down as many special things about the bride and groom that you can think of. You can’t beat taking what comes from the heart; it will show through in your speech.

Funny Best Man Speech

Let’s get right to it – I’m guessing you’re looking for information on Best Man Wedding Speeches and how to deliver a memorable, funny, and moving toast! Now you’re searching the Internet to figure out how you can pull this off.

Or perhaps, you’re getting pressure from members of the wedding party to make sure you don’t mess up and end up giving a horrific wedding speech. (I mean have you seen some of those Youtube videos – I get embarrassed for those poor guys).

The truth of the matter is, I have given a not so stellar best man speech and I really learned from that situation, so I literally speak from experience on this subject. Been there done that!

After I botched up the first best man wedding toast, the next time another college buddy asked me to be his best man; I was determined not to go down in flames again. I started doing some research. I figured I’m not the only idiot that didn’t have a clue how to prepare a good speech, so I thought I would share some of the main points that I learned on how to give a charming, funny and memorable speech. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a professional speaker, but I have learned a thing or two. I recognize that my speech is an important part of the whole traditional wedding reception.

But trust me, you can create a great speech and you don’t have to invest a bunch of money and spend a ridiculous amount of time to get this thing right. I have put together some full proof tips and tricks to help you make your wedding speech great. These come from my own experiences at my first best man gig, where I bombed big time and then from 3 more weddings where I basically nailed it every time!

4 Tips For Best Man Speech Success:

Before I get into the tips, let me give you my “overall best tip” – STAY SOBER (at least until after you give your speech). Enough said.

Now let’s get into it… First off – start with welcoming the guests and introduce yourself and how you know the groom and why he chose you to be his best man. Don’t talk to much about yourself, the guests aren’t really interested in you, they want to hear what you have to say about the groom, like how long have you known him, if it’s since birth (if you’re related). Keep in mind that some wedding guests may not really know the groom very well, if they are friends of the bride, so they will want to hear a little about him.

Secondly, try to think of a few interesting stories about the groom that not many people may know about or perhaps an interesting fact or hobby about him. I am sure if you’re the best man that you have a couple stories that have been locked in the closet for a few years. Just clean them up if need be or leave out the parts that just wouldn’t be appropriate or worse, could tick off the bride. Never, ever say anything that could even remotely make the bribe upset.

This is where you can put in some tasteful humor and add in some jokes. Again, it’s all right to embarrass the groom a little; he can handle it, but stay away from being crude which could offend the guests.

Thirdly, now it’s time to talk about the bride. Get this wrong and you are done for – always compliment the bride and say how lucky the groom is to have met such a beautiful and talented person. (Stuff like that) This can be dangerous, but you could attempt to squeeze in some humor here, but only if you really know the bride well and know without a doubt that she will think you are funny and not a big jerk.

Lastly, end it with a toast to the happy couple. This is the moving part of the speech and where you can show off your charm and sophistication. Be gracious and smooth when you ask everyone to join in with a toast to celebrate the happy union between the groom and the bride, may they live happily ever after. You get the idea.

Listen, I learned through trial and error and it was brutal, but after my first bad speech, I found a pretty cool product that gave me a ton of best man toast examples, I was able to pick and chose and it saved me so much time and I was able to put my speech together really quick. I highly recommend you check it out.

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