Best Man Wedding Toasts – Important Steps

Best Man SpeechThe best man wedding toast is an vital task. Being best man is arguably one of the busiest people connected with a wedding, with a laundry list of duties and responsibilities to perform before, during and after the ceremony. When a excellent buddy questions you to stand up for him at his wedding, you also are responsible for making the traditional best man wedding speech at the reception.

If you aren’t used to speaking in public, delivering a best man wedding toast might be the toughest duty you have to perform, but you can make the experience more enjoyable with these public speaking and etiquette tips.

Don’t Improvise Your Best Man Wedding Toast

Preparation is the key to giving a memorable and tasteful best man toast, so fight the urge to wing it and talk off the top of your head. With all the video cameras at the reception, you don’t want an embarrassing speech following you around for years to come.

Sit down and write your speech on paper, and then refine your best man wedding toast a few times until you are pleased with it. Transfer the final version of the speech to note cards that you can carry with you at the reception, and review them just before it is time for the best man wedding speech.

Tips for Speaking in Public

Some nervous speakers talk too quickly in front of an audience, so practice the first hundred words or so until you can recite those in your sleep. If you can get through the first part of a best man wedding toast in a normal speaking voice, the rest should flow naturally.

If you have access to a video camera, record yourself delivering your speech and observe how other people will see you. Repeat this process until you look comfortable and relaxed, and then practice a few more times in front of a few trusted friends.

Before delivering your wedding toast, avoid having an alcoholic drink or two to cool you down. A small nervousness really can sharpen your focus, so stick to water and soft drinks until it is time for the first toast. You can start celebrating when the speech is over.

Suggestions for the First Toast

Typically, a best man wedding toast should be a lighthearted, insightful reflection on the bride and groom and your interactions with them. Some details to include in your speech are:

Your Relationship with the Groom: You are the best man because you have a close relationship with the groom, so talk about how the two of you met and how long you have been friends. The best man wedding toast is a golden opportunity to tell everyone how vital the groom has been to you, especially if you have been friends since childhood.

The Bride: Talk about how the groom reacted when he first met his bride to be and what your thoughts were when he introduced her to his friends. Focus on how their relationship grew and led them to the altar: “My buddy Tom seemed like a confirmed bachelor, but when he met Tammy something clicked and that brought us here today.” Even if that isn’t entirely right and even if you aren’t entirely thrilled with the bride, you need to make her seem like the best thing that ever happened to your pal.

End on a High Note: The wedding speech should build to a logical conclusion where you can wish the bride and groom well as they start their lives together. For example, you can encourage everyone to join in a toast: “And now, let’s all raise our glasses to my excellent buddy Tom and his lovely bride, Tammy on this very special day.”

Subject Matter to Avoid

Since relatives from both families are in attendance, you’re not going to be able to share all the details on the groom. Here are some topics that are off-limits:

Previous Girlfriends: The focus here is on the bride, not all the women that your friend dated before her. It’s proper, though, to say something such as, “I never thought Tom would find his soul mate, and then Tammy came into his life.”

Embarrassing Incidents: The best man speech is not a time to humiliate the groom with tales from his past, especially when they involve ancient girlfriends. A small teasing can be a excellent thing, but don’t overdo it because this is the time to honor the bride and groom.

Any Implication That the Groom Could Have Done Better: Your job is to make it seem as if the bride and groom are made for each other. Don’t say anything that implies it isn’t a excellent match, such as “When Mike met Kelly, we didn’t reckon she was his type.”

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