Father of the Bride Speech

Father of the Bride SpeechBeing the father of the bride is not so easy, especially in some regions, where the bridal ceremony and reception should be organized by the bride’s parents. What is more, if a wedding speech is expected to be offered by him, his “burden” is even higher. Nevertheless, if you are in such a situation, you should not despair, especially when it comes to the discourse that you will deliver, because you have arrived at the right place: a collection of articles dedicated to this type of oration, which provide you all the details that you need for delivering an excellent discourse.

Series of Posts Focused on the Father of the Bride Speech

I decided to organize this post as an overall view on the content of the articles included in this series that deals with the father of bride speeches. More precisely, you can regard this article as a real map of this collection of posts, especially because you can reach (almost) any of its posts directly from this page. Of course, these articles can be accessed also from other articles. This introductory article is, in fact, a small outline of this series.

Now that I described, in brief, this opening post, let’s see exactly what details you will find in this collection.

How This Collection Helps You

First of all, you will discover a pretty detailed description of your wedding toast should look like. In other words, you will learn what you ought to include in each part of it. Useful templates are also provided. It’s important to know that not only ideas and topics are suggested in this series of posts, but also interesting ways of expressing these subjects – more precisely, a lot of samples are included.

If you are in a big hurry (i.e., you don’t have time to think too much to this discourse or you simply don’t want to loose too much of your time with it) and you would like to choose your father of the bride wedding speech from several examples which can be easily adapted to any – especially, your – family context and situation, well this collection of articles also offers you this possibility, primarily through the resource it recommends, which contains dozens of examples of discourses (that can be offered during marriage parties) that you can select or even combine. These examples are of various kinds – some of them are more informal that the others.

In addition to the descriptions, topics, ideas, samples and father of the bride speech examples, this collection of articles contains a few details regarding the wedding etiquette in some regions and countries, as well as multiple pieces of advice and little secrets that can enable you to have and deliver an outstanding discourse. These tips refer to each part of the oration and also to each phase of the whole activity that needs to be accomplished for this special occasion: delivering a speech at your daughter’s bridal party.

Speaking of the phases of this whole activity related to the wedding speeches, let me tell you now the main stages that are involved. After that, I will also provide in this introductory article a brief overview of the main categories of aspects that will be dealt with in this series of posts.

Two Phases: Preparation and Delivery

When you are thinking to your discourse, you should keep in mind that, in fact, there are two stages that you ought to take into consideration: on the one hand, there is the preparation phase, during which you must get ready for your toast; on the other hand, there is the delivery phase, during which you have to offer the oration that you have prepared – the remarkable father of bride speech – at the bridal reception, during its part dedicated to toasts, with (almost) all the guests and attendees looking at you.

Each of these two phases (or stages, name them as you wish) has its own steps, which must be accomplished in order to have a successful discourse. Each such step (usually) has its own sub-steps. Although every such stage, step and sub-step is detailed in its own article in this collection, let me reveal you now the name of these levels of activity (I will only list their names, without going into details):

  • Preparation
    • Research
    • Gathering data
    • Classifying them
    • Programming your groundwork
    • Composition
    • Creating the content of your father of the bride toast
    • Reviewing and correcting the text – if necessary
    • Writing the main topics on cards
    • Rehearsal
    • Practicing the speech
    • Adjusting the discourse or the manner of delivering it – if it’s the case
  • Delivery
    • Greeting the guests
    • Welcoming them to your daughter’s wedding
    • Thanking them for coming
    • Welcoming the groom and his family in your family
    • Congratulating your daughter (the bride)
    • Complimenting her and her new husband (the bridegroom)
    • Describing your daughter (the bride)
    • Providing pieces of advice for the newlyweds
    • Bless the new couple
    • Propose a toast for the new couple

Other Important Aspects: Purposes, Features and Image

When it comes to the discourse that you will offer at the bridal party, you ought to know that there are three essential aspects that you need to take account of, aspects that are, unfortunately, neglected by the majority of speakers. These three elements are: the purposes of each phase, stage and (sub)step; the preferred features of the father of the bride speech; the image about you that your listeners (that is to say, the wedding guests) will make in their minds. Read the articles of this series and you will find out more about these three key aspects. If there is another aspect (related to the main subject of this series – the discourse that a man delivers at his daughter’s wedding reception) that you would like to see detailed on this website and also if you have any questions regarding this subject, post a comment to this article or to any article in this collection.


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