12 Tips to Help you Deliver a Great Father of the Groom Speech (Even if it’s Your First Wedding Toast)

12 Tips to Help you Deliver a Great Father of the Groom SpeechIn case you are not familiar with speaking in front of large crowds, it is very likely to be frightened by the fact that you will offer a wedding speech at your son’s marriage reception. This happens usually because you think that you won’t be able to talk while in front of so many people. But the delivery tips revealed in this article will prove how you can offer a great speech at the bridal party, even though it will be your first discourse.

Best Manner of Delivering a Father of Groom Speech

More precisely, this post outlines the most successful manner of delivering one of the best father of the groom speeches. This is done by presenting the most powerful twelve delivery tips, which I will also call, in this post, presentation tips, because they are five precious pieces of advice regarding the most effective modality of presenting a toast in front of the numerous attendees. But, before doing that, I will mention the necessary conditions that must be fulfilled before dealing with the preparation of the toast’s delivery.

By the way, let’s clarify a little bit more the aspects related to this post; the overall structure of the tasks that need to be carried out is presented in the article that is focused on the preparation phase.

  • The main topic of this article is: delivery tips for the best speeches and toasts for the father of the groom.
  • The “target phase”, i.e., the major phase to which this post refers is: delivery, in the sense that the hints revealed in this article will enable you to offer your discourse in the best possible way.
  • The “working phases”, i.e., the major phases to which this article is useful are: preparation and delivery, because the tips provided by this post should be used, some of them, during your groundwork, and the rest of them, during the presentation of the speech.
  • The main “working stage”, i.e., the preparation stage in which the tips offered by this post ought to be utilized is, primarily, the rehearsal stage, that is to say, the final step of the groundwork.
  • The secondary “working stage” is the creation stage, which is actually the second stage of the preparation phase of the father of the groom wedding speech.

Preliminary Conditions for a Successful Delivery

In order to be able to deliver your discourse like a professional public speaker, you ought to perform a couple of things before practicing your discourse in the days preceding the wedding reception. In fact, the main purpose of this section is to provide a series of tips that are useful for the phase in which you deliver the discourse, tips that should be used in the creation stage, but they can also be used in the rehearsal stage, more precisely, in its adjusting step.

  1. Have a Speech Suitable for You

Make sure that the overall tone of your talk is consistent with your own traits. More precisely, if you are a cold and distant person, then the jokes might not be suitable for you; this doesn’t mean that you should have a cold speech, but a more formal one, rather than an informal father of the groom speech. Examples of funny speeches are present in a pretty large number on the Internet and especially in the resource that is recommended by this website, but you should use only the examples or samples that fit your personality. This is important because a successful speech has to be natural. The most appropriate stage in which you can ensure that the talk is congruent with your traits is represented by the creation stage, more precisely, its composition step. Its “review and modify” step, as well as the adjusting step of the rehearsal stage are the other two levels suitable for using this tip.

  1. Properly Plan and Prepare in Advance

Planning and preparing ahead is an absolute requirement for the success of any undertaking, even for the success of the wedding speeches of the grooms’ fathers. See the articles dedicated to the preparation phase for more details about how you should plan and prepare your talk. In the absence of a proper plan and groundwork, an excellent delivery is impossible, especially if you are not a successful public speaker.

The Best Delivery Tips

Tip #1:   Be Confident and Relaxed While Speaking

One of the most important tips regarding the manner of delivering a discourse refers to the way the speaker should look, and feel, if possible, during the talk. Just like any other professional speaker, you ought to have a confident and relaxed attitude while offering your discourse. Pay attention especially to your voice tone, your gestures and your moves. Being relaxed and confident while talking means following the next tip, which is essential to the success of your speech:

Tip #2:   Speak Without Strong Emotions

Especially if you are shy or if you are afraid of or if you are not used to speaking in front of many persons, you might have huge emotions while delivering your discourse. You can eliminate these emotions by using the most important rehearsal tip, which is described in detail in the articles dedicated to the repetition stage and which states that you ought to imagine that you are at the wedding reception while practicing your wedding speech. If you manage to get rid of the powerful emotions, or, at least, if you don’t show them, you will look like a professional public speaker. In order to look like that, you need to avoid one of the most common mistakes made by the beginners in this field, i.e., by those who deliver a discourse for the first time, mistake to which the following tip refers:

Tip #3:   Don’t Speak Like Telling a Lesson

If you practice your speech many times, you can learn its text by heart and, as a result, you may tend to deliver it as you were a pupil who tells the lesson in front of the classroom. I’m sure you don’t want to look like that. Therefore, you need to speak more naturally, i.e, as if you were composing your speech right then, while speaking. In order to do this, use the following tip:

Tip #4:   Make Short Pauses

When appropriate, you should stop talking for a second or for a few seconds. Another useful delivery tip that helps you to avoid looking like a pupil at school, that is to say, that helps you to avoid “reciting” your father of groom speech, is this:

Tip #5:   Use an Appropriate Intonation

You must avoid using the same voice tone for your whole discourse. You ought to accentuate the main ideas and the main words in your talk, by moderately raising your voice. By doing this, you catch the attention of the wedding guests. This can also be achieved by using the next delivery tip, which is very important:

Tip #6:   Interact with Your Audience

It’s essential to include your listeners in your toast. The most important persons with whom you ought to interact during your talk are: the newlyweds, the bride’s parents and the organizers. The interaction with the audience can be performed by following these three helpful tips:

Tip #7:   Address Directly to Your Listeners

You should speak in the second person, using the pronoun “you”. Here are the ways in which you should address directly to your most important listeners:

  • the bride, which will be your new daughter-in-law: welcome her in your family and compliment her in your wedding speech;
  • the groom, i.e., your son: congratulate him, describe him and maybe offer him some pieces of advice;
  • the newlyweds, i.e., the bride and the groom: wish them a happy marriage;
  • the bride’s parents: welcome them in your family and maybe thank them for raising such a lovely girl;
  • the persons who helped organizing the wedding: thank them.

Tip #8:   Wander Your Eyes towards Your Listeners

It’s important to refrain from looking in a single direction while talking. While delivering your discourse, you should look at many guests, by moving slowly from looking at an attendee to looking at another attendee.

Tip #9:   Ask Short Questions

Asking questions is another simple modality by which one can interact with the audience. Tag questions, such as: “don’t you?”, “do you?”, are very easy to be included in any informal speech of the groom’s father.

The last three tips mentioned above help you to involve your listeners in your talk. Let’s see now other three delivery tips that are also very powerful and important:

Tip #10:   Adjust Your Speech If Necessary

You should pay attention to the previous speeches, to see if another speaker tells the same ideas that you decided to include in your discourse, in the same way. If this happens, you ought to think to another modality of expressing that idea or even to remove it from your wedding speech.

Tip #11:   Be Aware that the Attendees are Just Like You

An efficient modality of getting rid of the powerful emotions that might overwhelm you during your talk is to be aware of the fact that your listeners are not perfect, they are not super-humans. They all have their own defects and that’s why they don’t expect a perfect speech from you.

Tip #12:   Don’t Forget the Purpose of the Reception

The wedding reception during which you deliver your discourse is organized for celebrating the union of the newlyweds and has the main purpose of entertaining them. This means that the guests came to enjoy the party and have fun, eat, dance and listen to music, not necessarily to listen to wedding speeches.

Q&A for the Speech of the Groom’s Father

  1. If one can’t get rid of the strong emotions, does it mean that that person can’t be successful? Well, that person should try to, at least, hide his or her emotions. If he or she can’t do that, it’s no problem. She or he can still have a successful discourse, if the other recommendations are followed.
  2. Is it mandatory to address directly to the listeners? No, but this would be useful, because this is one the ways of making a father of groom speech informal, which is how a successful discourse should be. The formal discourses should be avoided, as the colloquial ones are far more appreciated by everyone.


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