How to Prepare Your Wedding Speech for Your Son’s Wedding in 2015

3 Wedding Speech TipsIs your son getting married this year (2015) and you are expected to deliver a discourse during the reception or ceremony of this special event? Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin from when composing the great father of groom speech that you hope for, because I specially designed this article as an easy-to-use guide to assist you in your groundwork. So, first of all, let’s take a look at a small blueprint for the preparation of such a toast.

Brief Plan for Preparing the Speech of the Groom’s Father

As you may have found out from the introductory article posted on the first page of this website, the phase during which you get ready for your discourse consists, in fact, in three distinct stages:

In the first stage, the RESEARCH, you must:

  1. Gather all the material that you need for composing and delivering the oration. Brainstorming can be useful at this step, but it’s advisable to search on the Internet the details that you need. You can also search appropriate advice and examples of wedding speeches in public libraries (this option is free) and you can even ask a professional public speaker to help you create, repeat and deliver your oration (but this might cost you a lot, unless that speaker is one of your closest relatives or friends). The most convenient (i.e., efficient) way of collecting the necessary facts is by downloading a resource that is suitable for you – that is to say, one that includes all the pieces of advice, samples and examples that you need for having a successful toast (such resources are, in general, cheaper than the option previously mentioned). You can find such an useful resource on this website.
  2. Sort out all the collected material (i.e., tips, suggestions, examples, father of groom speech samples), that you obtained in the previous stage. In other words, you need to classify all the data and organize them in chronological order – more precisely: one group should contain all the facts that you need first (such as those related to the creation of the first part of the talk), another group must gather all the details that you need next (let’s say, for composing the main part of the toast), and so on, until the last group, which should include the information that you need for properly repeating the oration.
  3. PLAN (PRIORITIZE & TIMETABLE). Schedule all the tasks that you must carry out in order to be able to offer an excellent discourse at your son’s marriage ceremony or reception. All the ideas and topics discovered in the preceding step of the documenting (i.e., research) stage must be not only classified, but also prioritized and timetabled. Always make sure that you respect your plan and its deadlines (namely, the time limits of each task), in order to be able to finish the preparation of your wedding toast in a timely manner. However, you can adjust your plan any time you think it’s necessary to do that.

Here are the steps of the second stage – the CREATION:

  • In this step you must create the text of your oration. More exactly, you must decide on the topics and ideas that you will cover in your talk, on the order in which you will include them, as well as on the way you will formulate them. It’s very useful to write your oration down (on a sheet of paper), so that you can review it (as you will see in the next step) and learn its ideas.
  • REVIEW (and MODIFY). It’s highly advisable that, after finishing the composition of the content of your father of groom wedding speech, to review its text, so that you can figure out if it contains any mistakes or wrong formulations, and also if it follows the time recommendations. In order to do that, you should have written it down.
  • CREATION of CARDS. For being able to easily, quickly and discreetly remember the ideas of your address, it’s very helpful to keep some small cards (in your hand) containing the major topics of your oration and to discreetly inspire from them when you need (during the marriage reception).

The REHEARSAL of the talk – which must happen in the days preceding the wedding – should consist in:

  1. REPEATING the discourse, while imagining that you are at the reception, with all the attendees looking at you.
  2. BEING ASSISTED by some close friends or family members while repeating the wedding speech, so that you can get some helpful advice from them – regarding the content and the way of delivering the oration.
  • ADJUSTING the text (e.g., the order of ideas or their formulations) or the manner of delivering it, if necessary.

Purposes of Each Stage and Step

While working in any of these three stages, you must keep in mind the main purpose(s) of that stage or step:

  1. Research
  2. a) Collect – find out as much as possible about this subject.
  3. b) Organize – have the data sorted out.
  4. c) Plan (Prioritize & Timetable) – finish the groundwork in time.
  5. Creation.
  6. a) Composition – decide on the text of your wedding speech (of the groom’s father).
  7. b) Review (and Modify) – make sure the text is correct and that its length is right.
  8. c) Creation of Cards – easily memorize and remember the main topics.
  9. Rehearsal.
  10. a) Repeating – get used to public speaking (i.e., to speaking in front of large audiences) and get rid of fear and emotions.
  11. b) Being Assisted – benefit from others’ opinions and advice.
  12. c) Adjusting – optimize the wedding toast‘s content and delivery.

Things to Be Aware of While Preparing Your Talk

  • The quality of your groundwork determines the quality of your speech. Make sure you treat the preparation phase with the proper seriousness.
  • Each of the three preparing stages – as well as each of the nine steps of them – is essential for the success of your discourse. Avoid to neglect any of them.

FAQ Regarding the Preparation of Wedding Speech

  1. How early should I begin thinking to my discourse? You can start thinking at it any time – anyway, the sooner, the better.
  2. Is it late if there is only one week – or even a few days – until the wedding reception and I didn’t begin working on my toast yet? No, it’s not late at all, if you have the right resources at your disposal and if you begin to prepare your father of the groom speech as soon as possible, by following the stages and steps revealed in this article.


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