A Quick and Efficient Way of Preparing the Father of Bride Speech

Preparing the Father of Bride SpeechThis article is written especially for those men who have to offer wedding speeches at the parties organized for celebrating the unions of their daughters with their new sons-in-law. Moreover, if you are a hasty father of the bride or if the reception will be very soon and you don’t have too much time at your disposal for preparing your discourse, then you must necessarily go through this helpful post, because it provides you not only a brief outline of the whole groundwork that you should carry out, but also an interesting and unique layout of this preparation.

Quick Scheme for Preparing an Excellent Father of Bride Speech

Since this article is written mainly for the hurried dads, I will be short and to the point. Here is the scheme of the tasks that you have to accomplish for being ready for one of the best father of the bride speeches:

1)   Research. Steps:

i)   Search for tips, examples, samples, templates and details about your type of oration. Options:

a)   Read the articles published on this website, in this series, download the recommended resource and read it. This is the most efficient option, since this collection of posts contains almost all the information you need. Least time consumed and highest number of tips discovered and also with the most relevant and helpful ones. However, only the articles and other resources that will be available on this website, such as fact sheets, checklists, etc., are free; the recommended resource has a small price. This means that this is the best option for the 1)i) step of the groundwork that is necessary for an outstanding father of the bride toast.

b)   Browse the Internet. This option is time-consuming and less efficient than the previous one, since you may not find details too relevant or useful. But nevertheless it is completely free, if there is a connection to the Internet at your home.

c)   Use brainstorming. This may be a useful option if you have a rich imagination or if you are an English teacher or if you like philosophy or if you like to compose literary texts or if you are a professional public speaker. You got the picture, didn’t you? Anyway, even in any of these situations, you still need a few pieces of specialized advice regarding the father of bride speeches. This option, although completely free, needs to be combined with any or some of the other options. The time and value aspects of this method represent disadvantages for it.

d)   Go to a public library. This completely free approach has the downside that you may not find there any books or resources that are relevant or helpful for you. Therefore, a quick evaluation of this option is: pluses: cost; minuses: relevance and time.

ii) Classify all the info that you gathered

This is the step in which you must group all the information that you collected in the previous step, according to some categories that you must identify. I will enumerate here some examples of such categories, but, before that, I must tell you that choosing the first option in the previous step will save you not only time, but you simply won’t have to go through this classifying step, because the information in this series of articles dedicated to the father of bride speech, as well as in the recommended resource, is structured very well. Categories:

  • tips for:
  • preparing the discourse
  • delivering it
  • creating its text
  • getting rid of fear of public speaking
  • any other stage, step and aspect
  • ideas to include in the oration’s:
  • introduction
  • body
  • ending
  • samples for:
  • intro
  • body
  • ending
  • welcoming the guests
  • thanking the guests
  • complimenting the groom
  • congratulating your daughter, the bride
  • any other part or idea

iii) Build a plan. Steps:

  • based on what you have discovered in the previous steps, identify all the tasks that you will need to perform for getting ready for one of the best father of the bride wedding speeches
  • set a priority to each task
  • order the tasks by their priority
  • set a deadline to each task
  • schedule each task
  • correct the plan when needed

2)   Compose. Steps:

  1. i) Create or decide on the text of your talk
  2. ii) Write the text on a piece of paper

iii) Read the text on that paper and correct any grammar or expression mistakes.

  1. iv) Write the main ideas of the text on cards that you can hold discreetly in your hand during the discourse, in order to inspire from them, and which you can use during the rehearsal of your talk

3)   Practice. Steps:

  1. i)   In the days before the marriage reception, repeat your father of bride wedding toast, optionally being assisted by friends of family members.
  2. ii)   Adapt the content of your talk according to the preparation and delivery tips that you can find on this website and, optionally, to the advice you receive from the persons who might assist you while practicing.

Objectives of Every Task

During your groundwork, you must be aware of the major objectives of every task that you need to perform. Here are the goals of the whole preparation work:

  • being ready for the discourse that you will give
  • making sure that you will deliver a great toast
  • become accustomed to speaking in front of large audiences
  • collecting as many father of the bride speech examples as you can
  • eliminate the fear of public speaking
  • ensuring that the content of your oration follows the general recommendations regarding this type of talk
  • finish the preparation in a timely manner
  • making sure that you won’t forget the ideas, topics, facts and names that you intend to mention in your talk
  • ensuring that you will deliver your discourse like a professional and successful public speaker, that is to say, confident and relaxed.

Tips Related to the Preparation Phase

This article is just an overview of the recommended groundwork. I didn’t include in this post details about how you should perform the most important of the tasks mentioned above. That’s because I wanted to make this article as brief as possible. But I wrote another article that is focused on the most useful preparation tips for an excellent father of bride speech. You should read also that post, as well as the posts that present in detail each major phase of the groundwork.

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