Top 7 Tips for Offering Mother of the Bride Speeches Without Fear or Emotions

Mother of the Bride SpeechesThe presentation of a discourse in front of a large group of persons is usually hampered by the speaker’s fear of public speaking and also by the powerful emotions that overwhelm the beginners and the individuals who are not familiar with speaking in public. When it comes to the wedding speeches and toasts, this issue seems to affect especially the women, which is something normal, considering the fact that shyness is more likely to characterize them then their male counterparts. This article aims to teach any mother of the bride how to deal with this problem, the fear of public speaking.

How to Deliver the Mother of the Bride Speech Without Emotions

More precisely, the sections of this post describe the seven delivery tips that allow any speaker, be it woman or man, to offer a discourse emotionlessly, in front of large audiences. The useful hints presented in this article will help you to:

  • eliminate the main causes that determine the people to fear to speak while in front of many unknown persons;
  • get rid of the overwhelming emotions that are usually generated by the fact of offering a discourse while having a lot of people looking at you and standing or sitting close to you;
  • be relaxed and confident during your mother of bride speech, just like the experienced and successful public speakers;
  • discover what you ought to do while getting ready for your discourse and also while giving it;
  • see the activities of preparing and delivering the talk as ones that are very pleasant.

First and foremost I will present you the most common causes for this type of fear and then I will reveal the “fearless and emotionless” tips.

Top 10 Factors that Make You Run Away from Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Let me introduce you the major elements that determine, in general, the people to be afraid of speaking in public. However, it’s possible that not all of these factors stop you from delivering your wedding speech. Anyway, it’s useful to know them all. Moreover, each of the hints described in this article help you to deal with more than a single such element. So, here are the top 10 causes for the fear of public speaking:

The potential speaker:

  1. Is shy.
  2. Is not used to offering discourses.
  3. Overestimates the difficulty of the two tasks related to the talk: preparation and delivery.
  4. Underestimates his or her own abilities. Doesn’t trust in his or her capacity of having a great wedding toast or speech.
  5. Overestimates the qualities of his or her future listeners. Has the impression that they are perfect or, at any rate, a lot superior to him or her.
  6. Doesn’t know what to include in his or her talk.
  7. Is afraid of criticisms.
  8. Has the impression that the listeners watch for his or her shortcomings.
  9. Cares too much about the impressions of other persons about him or her.
  10. Has the impression that the wedding guests expect him or her to be perfect during the discourse.

These are the main causes that I identified as being responsible for the fear of public speaking. If you know about other potential cause for the fear of delivering mother of the bride speeches, cause that can affect multiple persons, you can post a comment to this article.

Let’s get now to the interesting, useful and helpful “fearless and emotionless” tips that I promised in the previous section to reveal to you. These hints can be considered “delivery tips”, because all of them have this thing in common: they help you to deliver your discourse without fear or powerful emotions, and with a lot of confidence and peace. However, these tips are to be used not only during the delivery phase, but also during the preparation phase.

Top 7 “Fearless and Emotionless” Tips for a Great Delivery of a Wedding Speech

In this section I mention the helpful delivery hints for the mother of bride wedding speeches and toasts and, for each such hint, I indicate the causes for the fear of public speaking that it eliminates.

  1. Imagine that You’re at the Wedding Reception While Practicing

This is probably the most powerful hint that helps you to become familiar with speaking in public. Moreover, this tip is an almost mandatory tip, if you are shy or if you are afraid of public speaking, because this tip, which is actually an exercise, helps you to eliminate or minimize all the ten causes presented in the previous section, i.e.:

  • the first cause of this type of fear; i.e., it makes you less shy when you offer a discourse to a large audience;
  • the second cause, as I previously mentioned;
  • the third cause, because you realize that preparing and delivering a mother of the bride speech is not so complicated;
  • the fourth cause, as you become more confident in your abilities of preparing and delivering an excellent talk;
  • the sixth cause, because practicing means you have decided on the content of your discourse;
  • all the other five causes, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, because it makes you more realist, confident and relaxed during your toast or speech.

Let’s see now how to properly use this first fundamental tip. While you practice your discourse, of the mother of the bride, in the days prior to the reception that celebrates your daughter’s wedding, you should see yourself at the marriage party. You ought to see also the guests, whose dresses are very beautiful, looking at you and listening to your talk. If possible, you should try to imagine and hear the noises that you could hear at the reception during your wedding toast or speech; for example, a weak background music or the murmur of the attendees, who might whisper and move a little, from time to time. You should also imagine and feel the whole atmosphere of the reception.

  1. While Practicing and Delivering, Remember that the Attendees:
  2. are not perfect, having their own shortcomings; most of them would probably deliver badly a discourse;
  3. are simply curious to find out what you would like to say; they don’t look at you critically;
  • come for entertainment, i.e., dancing, listening to music, eating, socializing, and not for listening speeches of the mother of bride; so, they might even not pay too much attention to your talk.

The tip (2.i) helps you to eliminate the fifth cause, the (2.ii) hint is good for dealing with the seventh, eighth and tenth causes, while the (2.iii) tip is useful for overcoming the eighth and tenth factors.

  1. While Practicing and Delivering, Remember and Try to:
  2. Not care too much about what the others think about you.
  3. Not let your listeners determine your state of mind.
  4. Properly prepare and practice your wedding toast and speech.

The (3.a) tip is good for the ninth cause, the (3.b) tip is indicated for the seventh and eighth causes, while the (3.c) hint is useful, just like the first tip, for overcoming or minimizing all the ten causes, but especially the third, fourth and sixth ones.

The women should use the tips above in order to considerably increase their chances of delivering their mother of the bride speeches without any fear or powerful or overwhelming emotion.

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