Wedding Speeches for Mother of the Groom – Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Wedding Speeches for Mother of the GroomOne of the most important issues that bother the persons who are going to offer wedding speeches refers to their fear of speaking in front of huge groups of people. The women seems to be more likely to have this type of fear. This article is written mainly for those women who will deliver a discourse at the party that will celebrate the unions of their sons. But the tips presented below are helpful not only for the mother of the groom, but also for the men who prepare for a speech of any other kind, because the tips teach you what to do to conquer the fear of public speaking.

How to Prepare the Fearless Wedding Speeches for Mother of Groom

In getting rid of the fear of talking in public, the preparation phase has a key role, being even more important than the delivery phase. This means that the first step in eliminating this fear consists in a proper preparation. But how should a proper preparation look, when it comes to this critical aspect? Well, you will discover this in the paragraphs below.

Determine the Causes and Eliminate Them

First of all, let’s examine a little the causes of this fear, so that we find out what precisely to eliminate. You probably know that, when dealing with a problem, you need to identify first the causes of that problem, in order to get rid of them, for being able then to solve the problem, which is the effect of those causes. Otherwise, if you eliminate only the effect, i.e., the problem, without getting rid of the causes, the effect, that is the problem, will show up again, if it is not even impossible to overcome.

So, can you identify what exactly determines your fear of delivering a wedding speech or toast while there are, in front of you, a lot of persons, many of which you don’t know? Let me tell you what I think: there are multiple factors that might stop you from speaking in public. But one thing is sure: once you overcome them, your chances to deliver a talk in an excellent way increase significantly, up to even 100%.

7 Possible Causes for Your Fear

The following list presents the potential causes for your fear. Try to determine sincerely what factors, from the ones listed below, are valid for you, the groom’s mother, and then use the corresponding tips for dealing with them:

  1. You think the listeners expect you to be perfect.
  2. You care too much about the others’ opinions about you. What the others think about you is too important for you.
  3. You are afraid of being criticized.
  4. You think the attendees are very critical about you. You think that they look for your defects or for the defects of your wedding speech.
  5. You think that the attendees are perfect or, at least, a lot superior to you.
  6. You think that you won’t be able to make a good impression. You don’t trust in your own abilities.
  7. You don’t know very well what to talk about. You are confused about your discourse.

As you may have noticed, most of these factors, i.e., four out of seven, refer to what you may think. This means that, first and foremost, it’s your thinking that needs to be adjusted, when it comes to this matter: the wedding speeches for mother of groom. More precisely, there are some beliefs that you need to eliminate or change. Let’s see now the solution for each such cause.

Solutions for the Causes: Useful Preparation and Delivery Tips

The truths, i.e., the facts, that are revealed in the sections below should be used not only during the preparation phase, but also during the delivery one. More exactly, you ought to be aware of these truths while practicing your discourse, as well as while offering it. This is important.

Solution for Cause #1:   Guests Are Just Curious

The truth is that the guests don’t expect anything from you. They are simply curious about what you are going to tell and maybe even anxious to dance, listen to music or eat.

Sol. for C.#2:   Don’t Depend on the Others’ Opinions

You should not let the other persons to determine the way you feel. In other words, try to avoid depending on the others’ opinions. That is to say, don’t let your mental or emotional state to be influenced or decided by the people around you; in this case, by the ones who look at you and listen to your mother of the groom speech.

Sol. for C.#3: Don’t Care Too Much about the Others’ Opinions

So what if they disagree with you or don’t like something at your discourse? Everyone has the right to have his or her own opinion on any particular matter, and these opinions should not disturb you or make you feel bad. Stop caring too much about what the attendees think about you or about your talk.

Sol. for C.#4:   Guests Come for Having Fun

The truth is that the guests come to the reception mainly for having fun. They probably hardly wait for the wedding reception speeches to finish, so that they begin or continue to eat, listen to music or dance. After the discourses end, they will forget most, if not all, of the ideas that you mentioned in your talk. So, remember the main, if not the only, purpose for which your listeners will be there: to have a great time.

Sol. for C.#5:   Guests Have Their Own Defects

You should be realist: the listeners have their own weak points, maybe even in the area of public speaking. They are and look very confident in their seats, while they look at you and hear you, but, if they were in your place, maybe they would perform much worse than you. Don’t be fooled by their appearance or by their social, financial or educational reputation: they can be very poor at offering discourses.

Sol. for C.#6:   Appropriate Advice and Preparation

The only way by which great wedding speeches can be delivered is to properly prepare in advance and follow trustworthy and effective pieces of advice. The success in giving discourses is available to everyone, not only to the professional public speakers, provided that the previously mentioned manner is used.

Sol. for C.#7:   Clarity – Proper Preparation and Repetition

Confusion is caused by the lack of clarity. Once you properly prepare and repeat your talk, the confusion disappears, along with the stress and fear that it caused.

Indispensable Tip: Repeat, Seeing Yourself at the Wedding Party

It’s absolutely essential to visualize yourself at the reception, while practicing your mother of groom speech. In this way, you become accustomed with speaking in public and your fear decreases considerably. While repeating and visualizing, it’s also necessary to be aware of the tips represented by the solutions to the causes of fear explained above.

Q&A Regarding the Delivery Tips

Q1:   How can one be aware of so many things at the same time, while practicing and also while delivering a discourse?

A1:   By repeating while being aware of the previously mentioned truths, the speaker begins to internalize these truths and then he or she won’t have to force himself or herself to be aware of them. That’s why it is so important to properly prepare ahead the wedding speeches for mother of groom.


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